sleeping on it

first order of adulthood:

have a big girls bed.

yup, first piece of furniture in


our new apartment is the bed. mainly

because it was the first cool item I have found to renovate on the – just come and take it – local message board.

after we brought it home we started the inspection; some of it was wood, some of it was laminated wood.a very mixed and match construction.

never mind. nothing we can’t handle. we took it outside and started sanding it down. due to the terrible wood and lamination on the thing we thought a paint remover would do a terrible job reaching some sort of a cohesive look.


it took quite a lot of sanding to go through all layers of horrific orange colored coating it had.

give it a new color and there you go – not the most innovative of ideas but definitely one I needed to go to sleep feeling more put-together.



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