Table of content – How to DIY a home office

Next up, a proper work table.

I had work desks in m life, had places to put down a laptop. Never had a fun pinterest worthy home office to call my own.

We sat  at the drawing board (which is just my bullet journal as it is the only pen and paper in reach most of the time) and devised our plan:

first, what do we have to work with?

We had a 2 meters = 6.5 foot space where we wanted our office to be at. Also, we are 2 people, so each one is getting a meter to work on.  When it comes to materials, we just replaced our bed from a basic bed frame like this to this.

Issues to DIY on the fly:

The wood on that frame was was quite old and worn, the best way to get the most out of the wood, and have it look fantastic still, was to ’tile’ it. that is why we cut all planks down to 40 cm long (15.748 inch)


Dry fitting the pieces

Because of the small space we have to work with, witch is in the living room and not a separate room, I thought one long table would look much nicer then 2 separate ones and it will also maximize the space to the fullest.

After all of the filling and sanding and filling some more, sanding and even giving it a nice edge with a router, we opted for a semi transparent walnut wood stain.


What do you think?

Any questions about the tools used? steps we took? anything in between?


The finish table in an upcoming post, with the rest of my home office setup.




Modern Farm House shelf DIY

Now that I have an Office Table, a shelf was needed!

So we began by collecting the wood, pallets? planks? what would it be this time?

We brought in a couple of pallets, but by the time it took us to take them apart and cleaned up, it was the planks we found at a nearby construction site that took our breath away (and a bit of skin). Sometimes chatting to random construction sites managers pays off, one persons trash is another’s shelf.

Anyhoo, this one doesn’t have many pictures of the building process, I am still getting my pic-groov on.

for now,


For any questions, don’t be afraid to drop a comment.